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About us.

TLA was founded in Januar 2021, by Ingunn Tennbakk and Bendix Gadeberg

TLA is a membership organization that is founded to protect the rights of the individual human being.

Founded on Human rights we protect the sovereignty of the individual, we protect our right for you to be uniquely who you are. We see each individual as totally valuable and as a resource to themselves.

Therefore , your personal data , your body, your intellectual capacity and your creativity should not be exploited by governments, and corporations in order to be a money making machine.

You were born free and have a god given right to express that freedom.

Government is meant to understand and support the needs of the people, not to protect the people in power.

In light of what we see in the world today we stand our ground, protected by human rights and proclaimed our right to freedom from oppression, from government and from privately owned companies.

We know there is a higher order, and that the fight between different perspectives will have to stop if mankind is to find real solutions. For that reason, we advocate liberty for all and use the highest principles to set our course.

This organization is born out of the need for real change and will use its resources to stand the ground for human rights and structural change for the better of mankind.

With love

The Liberty Alliance