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In light of recent events, it becomes clear that the so-called “pandemic” is a political game about control. We, in Norway, are looking at declining infection rates and increasing lockdowns. Businesses that have followed all the rules and jumped through all the hoops that the authorities have set up are now hit with full lockdowns on the basis of two positive test samples from Nedre Follo, which show that two people over the age of 90 have died with or from a virus that we don’t know much about. What we are looking at now is absurd, out of control and incomprehensible to a logical thinking mind. The alarm is ringing over our country.

We have already received in donations more than NOK 200,000 for our case against central authorities by the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

We are sending a special thanks to our donors, the money is already put to good use! The law firm Suleman & co is legally assisting The Liberty Alliance on this case, and an injunction will be sent at the end of February. The plan was for the injunction to be sent in the first week of February, but due to the severe lockdowns that has affected the eastern region of Norway , we have redirected the course somewhat and are now going directly to local authorities.

On the 29th January we sent a letter to the government by Prime minister Erna Solberg, the Ministry of Health and Care Services by Health Minister Bent Høie and 10 municipalities in the eastern region of Norway, including Oslo. Calling them out on legal responsibility for braking the law according to the given Human Rights, Norwegian constitution and several other national and international conventions.

And making the legal question- “That, by imposing in a totalitarian way a one sided perspective and restrictions upon all population, the government is actually lowering nerd (all population) immunity and immunity of singular individual, then- do you take full responsibility for everybody’s health from now on? If Not, we, the people, go to free choice starting from immediately.”

The letter concludes with the stating that the answer should be given within 14 days, after that government will be brought to court.

By supporting this collection you are giving your support to legally claim given Human Rights and Free Choice.

Copy of the letter sent to the authorities (in Norwegian) : Click here


Statsministerens Kontor – Letter has been sent

Helse- og omsorgsdepartementet – Letter has been sent


Enebakk Kommune – Letter has been sent

Frogn Kommune – Letter has been sent

Indre Østfold Kommune – Letter has been sent

Horten Kommune – Answer received – Click here

Moss Kommune – Letter has been sent

Nesodden Kommune – Letter has been sent

Nordre Follo Kommune – Letter has been sent

Oslo Kommune – Letter has been sent

Vestby Kommune – Letter has been sent

Våler Kommune – letter has been sent

Ås Kommune – Letter has been sent