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The Liberty Alliance is a membership organization and we invite you to get involved and support our work for justice and real change in the world.

Our current focus (Jan 2021) revolves around lifting the restrictions that governments have put upon the population as a result of the Covid-19 crises. We see that governments are using the crisis as a political tool to control its population and are therefore using the legal system to stand our ground and get the restrictions lifted.

Our work starts in Norway, where we are suing the Norwegian Government by the Department of Health. You can read more about this particular case here. 

But this is only the beginning of the work that The Liberty Alliance is about. We see the need for a structural change in government, monetary, health and educational systems and we seek to form an alternative to the current form of government that will govern by supporting the unique expression of each individual.

You come to this planet as a unique being, and are enrolled by birth in a structure that uses you as their capital. This is hampering the unfoldment of who you really are.

Every human being is born free and should remain free to choose their way of living for as long as they are on this earth, therefore we work to find the best solutions so that you can own your body, your health, your mental capital, your energy and your value. We protect your right to create your own reality, and form cocreations with other beings based on common interest.

You don’t need to agree with us, we will protect your right to disagree and enjoy your unique perspective. We protect your right to be uniquely you and to let everyone else be the same, we see this as basic human rights and the only way to a world free of discrimination

Membership costs NOK 200, – annually or support membership for free, filled out the form below, then you will receive an invoice with the membership fee.

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