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You are all brave souls that are standing up for your rights to live your life as you want it to be, without unnecessary intervention from outer authorities, be it government, organizations or private companies that seeks to control your life.

You will not stand for being told that you are doing something wrong, just from being you and choosing freedom, your beliefs and your natural state of being, what ever that is for you. If someone tires to push you down, you will stand up for your right, and, luckily those rights are already in place through our constitution, through human rights and natural laws.

It is the purpose of The Liberty Alliance, to ensure that those in government and authority are being made aware of that we already have this rights. We already agreed on the freedom of choice and claiming this rights is not criminal, it is not extreme and it is no conspiracy, it is simply standing firmly our ground in a time when our rights to freedom seams to be eroding.

I recently heard that one of the signs of a dying civilization is that it’s control mechanisms comes to the surface. This is a clear sign in our civilization right now. It can be scary to walk on earth while all we used to know is crumbling around us. It can be scare, but it is also the land of opportunity. New times forces us to think anew, to be bold and think outside of the box. To dare to be different and to show the world a different way.

The Liberty Alliance see the need for deep structural change and we are willing to stand in the light of the new time coming. We know that only by seeing solutions and trusting that real change is possible can we maneuver this beautiful organization to be a real positive influence on our days to come.

Right now it is necessary to take som legal steps to ensure our rights, and this is being done. We are guiding the process in the new energy that is landing in our reality in this days, being bold to go and implement the new. Not sitting on the sideline, but taking action and inviting the new with our hearts and our minds. Change is on the way, weather we like it or not. We can resist or embrace it. We can fight for “our perspective” or we can say; this is real change, and we respect and celebrate our differences and welcome all perspectives as long as they respect each other and seek to co-exist.

Even in the darkest of times, even in the minds of law suits and oppression we can choose the light and we can support each other in standing tall and being brave, and do what we believe is right!

With Love

The Liberty Alliance

Many of you have asked to see the letter of 29.01.21, sent to local and central government. You find it here.